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Really excited to present "HEGIRA" a short film exploring the idea and concept of Home on THURS 18TH NOVEMBER Theatre Deli Sheffield , A story told and produced by myself and further written / directed by Maisha Wester (Global Professor) of the The University of Sheffield and (filmed/co -directed) Freddie Kofi ( film maker and fellow Africanfuturist). Massive thanks to Being Human Festival and the organisers and to Alex Mason and Amy Carter for being amazing facilitators for this project to happen.

Also to Driss Yamdah and Amba Rompersuit Chillingworth for being such incredible actors. Big love to everyone involved, Charlie Illingworth Franz Von Bianca Silcock Tom Excell students of University of Sheffield and more.

I will also be doing a musical performance with my family FRANZ VON Angelina Abel don't miss

a step in afrofuturism.

Join free THURS 18TH NOV The Theatre Deli Sheffield.

Register here free event

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